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Loved it! Amazing experience! I had the most relaxing experience having my gel nails done as well as a spa pedicure. Vy did an excellent job! Her attention to detail was on point! Furthermore, I found it to be charming, clean, and sanitary. I would highly recommend this salon located at Willow and Nees.

Hope Rosky


This was my first time visiting iBeauty Nails & Spa. The place was very clean and the stone massage was the best I’ve ever had. The massage chairs are new and very comfortable. Michael was friendly and fast, there were tons of colors to choose from. Five stars, I’m happy to have found a new nail place! Services: Acrylic nails, Dip powder, Manicures, Foot massage, Gel manicure, Pedicures

Sheri Schmidt


I've been looking for a salon that does paraffin wax for an affordable price and I finally found it. Not only that it's in a centralized area of the town on Willow & Nees! It's clean, efficient, and quaint. The chairs are nicely spaced so customers do not have to be super close to one another yet close enough to have a conversation if you go with a friend. They even do stone massages upon request! Walk-ins are welcome which is convenient for busy people like me who want to catch a quick Pedi in between clients. There is an extraordinary powder color selection which is essential for those of us who want variety. Definitely give this place a try and tell your friends!

Sparkle Soojian

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